The arts for a new leadership

The Project

An encounter between art and business

Viarte is a young and dynamic company that offers to support decision-makers and their teams, by joining their rational and emotional dimensions in the elaboration of a vision and in the development of soft skills, through interaction with the world of artistic creation.

Viarte’s origins

In an increasingly complex and ever-changing world, decision-makers face new responsibilities while new challenges require innovative approaches. They are asked to anticipate society, its tendencies, its reactions in order to master the short-term future, rationalize market data and develop visions sustainable for the future.

Faced with the acceleration of new technologies, the uncertainty of the environment and markets in which companies operate, the emergence of new working methods, it appears more and more clearly that the development of soft skills will become paramount to ensure the success of the business of tomorrow: behavioral and motivational skills (emotional stability, conviviality); cognitive skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication, cooperation); civic skills (ethics, leadership).

Delivering the expected results, being and remaining efficient, allowing the company to adapt, prosper and flourish as a human collective, requires a radical adaptation as well as a real paradigm shift in the thinking, the approach and in the experiences that decision-makers will have to conduct in order to develop a new leadership. It is about developing new visions for the future, based on sensitive and participatory methods, through an analysis of society and its developments.

In Europe however, training and careers favor a more technical approach to experience and skills, with their reassuring dimension of immediate and quantifiable application.

The arts for a new leadership

Through the prism of artistic creation Viarte offers new and unprecedented solutions to the problems encountered by decision-makers within the company.

Facing the growing instability and fluidity of the present in an increasingly competitive context, expanding the limits of the possible, moving away from obsolete paradigms means devising innovative and creative tools in order to encourage managers to think outside the box, to “take a step to the side”, and develop transformative and sustainable visions for their company.

These tools must be in touch with the advancement of knowledge and at the service of the skills required by companies in the 21st century. The pedagogy adopted by Viarte aims at encouraging reflection by decision-makers and their teams on four of their key skills:

  • Autonomy and responsibility, by situating one’s work within the company (new working methods) and the company’s mission in society (impact on society, on the environment, diversity, inclusion).
  • Collective and critical state of mind, better understanding of human beings, ability to express agreement and dissent, ethics of action and communication to advance the collective project.
  • Creativity and management of uncertainty in complex situations, interaction between disciplines, methods and different universes.
  • Intuition and emotional intelligence, a decisive but often unconscious element of any decision-making.

VIARTE’s offer consists of a variety of paths promoting the encounter between the universe of artistic creation and the business world.

To the Arts! A diversified offer for innovative decision-makers

Viarte’s program consists of a variety of courses that stimulate the encounter between artistic creation and the business world, aiming to meet four main needs:

  • Developing a strategic vision, anchor the “raison d’être” of the company, its values, its commitment at the heart of its strategy and activity, aligning it with the values and behaviors of decision-makers and their teams.
  • Thinking and influencing the future through anticipation, understanding major trends that across society, decrypting signals coming from a territory, a country, a generation, as perceived by artists and the cultural world.
  • Nurturing creation and innovation, maintaining the spirit of creativity and proposal, the mental agility, methodological and transdisciplinary interconnection, in order to prepare decision-makers for the unprogrammable, the incalculable, key to a sustainable business.
  • Guiding managers and human resources departments integrating in their practices the results of the most advanced research in neuroscience, psychology of creativity and learning sciences. Optimizing the effectiveness of training and experiences by sharing results and their true impact within a group of professionals engaged in progressive and humanistic human resource management.