The Founder


Former culture and communication advisor to the President of the Republic Emmanuel MACRON, member of the Board of Directors of the Venice Biennale, Claudia Ferrazzi founded “Viarte. The arts for a new leadership”in 2020.

A graduate of the IULM University of Milan and the Free University of Brussels in respectively Public Relations/Political Sciences and in European Politics. She specialized in specialized in European affairs and competition law while working for Telecom Italy in 2001, before joining the National School of Administration (ENA: promotion René Cassin, 2001-2003) and becoming a consultant at Cap Gemini and Boston Consulting Group (2004-2006).

Called to serve in the French administration, Claudia worked for the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the departments responsible for the administrative and budgetary reform (2006-2007), then at the General Inspectorate of Finance (2007-2011). She was appointed Deputy Director General of the Louvre Museum in 2011, where her responsibilities included implementing the museum’s scientific and cultural policy.

In 2013 she continues her career within the Académie de France à Rome in the role of secretary general of Villa Medici. The municipality of Milan instructs her, in 2017, to direct and accompany the promotion and influence of the city. Following the French general elections, she returns to France to exercise the functions of cultural and audiovisual advisor to the President (2017-2019).

At the start of 2020, Claudia Ferrazzi founded the project «Viarte – Art to lead differently», which aims to enrich the business world with the contribu-tions of art and culture. That same year, she was appointed to the board of directors of the Venice Biennale.

The long experience in demanding roles within both public and private structures has allowed Claudia Ferrazzi to develop solid skills at the frontier between rigorous analysis and contact with the creativity and emotionality of the contemporary. Her vision: investing in the human being, in its rational and emotional forces, is the key to the entrepreneurial success of tomorrow.

Advisory board


Pianist, singer, composer, Lydie is a world class musician, enthusiastic about teaching and transmission. She supports art thinking methods in business and international relations.


Grégoire CHERTOK

Managing partner and member of the Executive Committee of Rotschild & Co., Grégoire is also a member of the supervisory board of the Foundation for Political Innovation (FONDAPOL), administrator of EuropaCorp and member of the board of directors of the Film Commission of Île-de-France.


Laurent BLIVET

Partner at Spencer Stuart, Laurent Blivet is a headhunter and former strategy consultant who is passionate about leadership selection and development.


Christophe FANICHET

Christophe is Chairman and CEO of SNCF Voyageurs (a company that brings together TGV, TER, Transilien, Intercités and as well as Deputy CEO of SNCF, in charge of digital.



Consultant in charge of the development of banking-insurance activity for France and Southern Europe within the firm Brossard Consultants in 1985, Xavier becomes Deputy Director (2003) then Executive Director (2007) of the French branch of Capgemini Consulting, before succeeding at its head in 2013. Since 2018, he is Managing Director of Business Services Europe for Capgemini Consulting.


YAN Pei-Ming

Yan Pei-Ming moved from China to France at the age of 20, and shortly thereafter enrolled in the École des Beaux-Arts in Dijon. After graduating in 1999, Yan’s achieved rapid notoriety first and foremost for his portraits, which include depictions of numerous personalities of contemporary interest such as politicians, actors and popes. His body of work encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, including history and current events, such as the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 or reinterpretations of iconic works from art history.



Pedagogical director at the Jeannine Manuel bilingual school, Laure has moved from a career in trading and financial management to become a high level expert in cognitive and educational science.



Philippe Grangeon is a specialist in communication, marketing, change and crisis management.

During his career, he contributed as a business leader and executive, in France and internationally, to major changes in both the public and private sectors (PPT reform, yellow pages, modernization of the La Poste group and of the Ministry of the Economy, changeover to the euro, to the year 2000…).

From 2000 to 2004, he serves as CEO of Mediapost, leading the acquisition and merger of its main competitor, before joining Capgemini group in 2004, integrating its executive committee until 2017, before retiring.

Philippe Grangeon has been a member of several supervisory and administrative boards as chairman or administrator (Éditions La Découverte, Mediapost, Delta Diffusion, Capgemini Maroc, Capgemini University, Paris & co, etc.). He is currently administrator of Voyageurs du Monde and a member of the advisory board of Docaposte.

A man of commitment, Philippe was advisor to various ministers, political and union leaders. Co-founder in 2016 of the movement En Marche and member of its executive committee, he is, from February 2019 to September 2020, the special advisor to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron.



Biologist and film maker, Aurélien and the Interdisciplinary Research Center accepted to share the latest progress in cognitive and learning sciences. Aurélien works particularly on the art-science approach and its potential for learning and decision-making.



Thomas served as deputy regional director for Ile-de-France of the National Employment Agency (ANPE) in 2007-08 then of Pôle Emploi from 2008 to 2010, before becoming director, then Deputy Managing Director from 2012 to 2014.

Director of the social strategy of EDF (Electricité de France) in 2020, he was appointed the same year Inspector General of Social Affairs, then Director of the Cabinet of the Minister for Labor, Employment and Integration; position he left in 2021.