Our offer

Our experiences come in three distinct forms:

Support in the development of a vision, a project, a purpose

Creative Learning Expeditions

Soft skills course

Our offers combine strategic support, development of soft skills, introduction to one or more artistic or art-related disciplines (photography, art history, restoration of works of art, sculpture, etc.), as well as an understanding of trends that cross society as they are perceived by contemporary creation.

VIARTE’S other modalities of intervention

Viarte offers subscription packages from monitoring of digital developments, to exclusive summaries of artistic creation trends as well as a collaborative platform exploring the link between art and leadership.

Among the convictions driving us, we believe that in order to think and influence the future, decision-makers will be called upon to develop their capacity for anticipation and their creativity in the search for original solutions.

These skills require a decryption of society, a deep perception and understanding of the weak signals that societies, territories, generations, emit sometimes in imperceptible manners for decisionmakers who have little time and availability of mind other than for the management of their business.

The best artists and authors sense, sometimes clearly and sometimes confusedly, the trends that are crossing society and offer decoding through their works, which can come to challenge decision-makers, giving them a head start in this race for creativity and innovation. Viarte offers exclusive analyzes summarizing future trends, societal issues, new areas to be cleared, cultural profile of a country, a region, a generation, through the new publishing seasons, the selection of international festivals, or the most popular cultural hits.

The monitoring of news coming from research and practices in learning, cognitive science for training, and the transmission of skills are also offered to human resources departments, in the form of subscriptions to an interactive platform.

The subscription formulas and their priority themes are adaptable according to the needs expressed by the company.

In partnership with Power Art and Anne Kieffer, a diagnosis can be made to identify and highlight the “cultural assets” already present in the company.