Soft skills course

Combined experiences within a personalised program (from 3 hours to a full day)
Period ›1 to 10 months

The decision-maker is called upon to build, upstream of the definition of the program, a course of tailor-made experiences to develop the identified target skills.

During a period of professional transition or operational management, decision-makers are offered an experience lasting from 2 hours to 2 days every month. Between experiences, when returning to their usual schedule, decisionmakers can reflect upon their achievements and integrate a certain number of them into professional practice.

These programs adapt as closely as possible to the pace and needs of the decision-makers involved. They facilitate a time of introspection and appropriation of the acquired knowledge between each experience. They promote balance within the program, between individual experiences and others, involving a collective from one or more companies.

Programmed for 2021

Innovation, risk taking

Immersing oneself into a professional artisanal field (restoration of cultural heritage), a universe where personal tastes, market values and emotional intelligence meet while contemporary artists confront each other to the great masters of the past. Three experiences offered on this theme, in partnership with Arcanes restoration laboratory (6 days, punctuated over a period of 6 months).

  1. Leonardo da Vinci/Donato Piccolo (visual artists and performer working on the role of machines in society)
  2. Georges de La Tour and Caravaggio, masters of light / Miguel Chevalier (digital artist)
  3. Chancellery of Orléans 18th century, rebirth of a historic residence/Olafur Eliasson, plastic artist working on the notions of space and time and on the links between art and science

Viarte Method


What is the balance between rational considerations, technical mastery and creative input in the innovation process? Where should you place the cursor, depending on the period the company is going through? What place should be given to risk-taking by decision-makers and their teams? What possible dialogue between tradition/stability and the contribution of new generations?


Gaze and dialogue exercise between the technique used to produce artworks, to restore them confronted with the point of view of artists, collectors and decision-makers;


Participation in the restoration process of one of the artworks in the laboratory and/or participation in the creative journey of a contemporary artist at work;


Ideas and actions with personalities outside one’s professional field: decision-makers are confronted alternately with the restorer’s view, the collector’s, and the artist’s, on the place of the original work as conceived by the artist. The two cognitive attitudes targeted by the viarte method, which are reflection by analogy and the desire to change the status quo, feed into these experiences, which take place alternately within the restoration laboratory as well as in cultural spaces, depending on the artists.

Feedback on the specific issues of the company concerned is scheduled at the end of each day.

Programmed for 2021

Expression of opinions, tastes and judgments based on emotional intelligence

Decision-makers take part in the selection jury for a recognized international contemporary art prize, in partnership with an institutional organizer (depending on the time of year).

Viarte Method


How do you form a personal opinion when professional expertise is mastered by others? What place for preferences and personal tastes? How to get to know yourself and use your emotional intelligence to advance a collective project? How to express agreements and disagreements, while forging quality relationships with allies and adversaries alike?


Understanding and observation of the work of candidate artists;


Individual and collective development of a classification of work and preparation of the jury vote;


Ideas and actions with personalities outside one’s professional field: analysis of the modalities of judgment of

Professional curators and jurors: what do we look at in the work of artists? How to support them in an exhibition and showcase projects for their work? What part of subjectivity and objectivity in taking a personal stance?

Feedback on the specific issues of the company concerned is provided at the end of each stage of the selection.

A new approach to work: smart working, open spaces, collective creativity

Stéphanie Fabre + Eric Gillet, architects, invite you to have an in-depth reflection about the notion of an ideal workplace. They offer to “sculpt the void”, in order to signify how the interaction between people is intimately linked to the spaces they evolve in and the way they perceive them. Based on their own experience and the upheavals of this year, each participant will be able to venture to “their” ideal place, creating an environment conducive to articulating individual aspirations and the collective project of the company. Individual work sessions of 4 evenings, one appointment per week, followed by a residential weekend for group research (3 people);

Expanding the fields of possibilities through fiction

Participate in a “writer’s room”, in partnership with the production company Federation entertainment, in contact with writers of audiovisual series at work. Drafting of a common vision (duration three days), with the participation of writers from major productions (Bureau des Légendes, Undercover, Your Honor). Possible trip to Séries Mania in Lille, an international festival devoted to television series, to meet the stories, professions and actors of these successful shows.

Efficient and sensitive communication, transmission of ideas, values, concepts

Introductory seminary to the Art-Science approach, in partnership with the CRI (Interdisciplinary Research Center). Twice a half-day at the CRI’s new campus located in the Marais in Paris, searching for a balance between rational arguments and sensitive perception, optimizing the ability to transmit ideas, opinions and projects;

Dialogue between generations, sustainable digital culture

Participate in a one-day exchange workshop with a group of young artists and entrepreneurs, versed in post-internet cultures, within the Think Tank AFK (Away From Keyboard) of sustainable creation at the “Gaîté Lyrique” (Paris);

Remote collaborative projet

remote working or physically dispersed teams Participate to a literary work, resulting from collaborative writing through access to a creative room run by an internationally renowned writer, supported and moderated by the Panodyssey platform (Panodyssey, The new world of creativity). The group, led by the writer, may search for talents through the platform (e.g. we lack an illustrator, or a translator, the collective decision is made to look for one and choose from among the respondents) and may decide to open the work under construction to external readers. The program is built over a period of 4 months of collaborative writing, each participant devoting approximately one cumulative day per month to their contributions to the platform, followed by a day and a half of framing and assessment in the presence of the writer;

Developing self-knowledge for a new leadership

One-day introductory course in art therapy through the practice of bronze sculpture (“creation that leads to oneself”), supervised by sculptor and psychologist Myriam de Lafforest;

AI & AI: artistic intelligence to make the most of artificial intelligence

In partnership with ESCP Business school – Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, an art thinking workshop that supports technological and artificial intelligence projects of companies. Introducing, by a proven and original method, philosophical, political, societal and environmental questions into a technological innovation project.

Developing sustainable and authentic societal commitments

(Respect for the environment, diversity, integration of difference, inclusion, gender equality, the fight against racism and anti-Semitism) In accordance with the business purpose of the company: two-day photography course spaced one month apart on the theme of identity, accompanied by photographer Assaf Shoshan. Participants will take part in the shooting of ID format pictures of a group of migrants, from the TN project Simplon.

‘Frugal’ innovation and sustainable development

Four-day internship – spreading over several months – into the making of a documentary film based on the sculpted work of Ousmane Sow (Senegalese artist who died in 2017): the human being sculpted from salvaged materials.

Respect for the environment in the company project

Two-day photography course spaced one month apart on the theme of landscape and its preservation, in an abandoned or destroyed place in recent history, accompanied by photographer Assaf Shoshan from the Umm Esh Shaqaf project (Palestinian village under Israeli control and abandoned in 1948).

Models of leadership: right to doubt and search in managerial practice

Experimentation of an artistic practice (learning by doing), the writing of a theatrical, television or cinematographic fiction, in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Research Center and the scriptwriter-biologist Aurélien Peilloux, half a day every month for 4 months.

Sensitive understanding of humans within a project

Face-to-face meeting between a decision-maker and a world-class artist of excellence within his studio, together with the presence of a “mediator” (art historian, trainer or coach depending on the educational project chosen upstream by the company and Viarte). Half a day every month for three months, may be followed by an artistic project for three days in residence with the artist (list of artists who have given their agreement in principle available on request).