Creative Learning Expeditions

1 to 10 participants
Period › 3- 7 days, travel included

The learning expedition program allows for a real “step to the side” from the obligations that usually punctuate the schedule of decision makers, through a dive into the universe of creation.

The learning expedition aims to reproduce, in a concentrated manner, the rapid revolution of the professional world in the current period by retaining a problematic which, by analogy with the experience of the company, develops the “lateral thinking” of the decision maker. By modifying contexts and points of view, it aims to trigger a profound change in the way of approaching a business subject or a company (eg. mobility; sustainable development; resilient business, etc.).

Viarte suggests to share this experience with a few “offbeat” perspectives by inviting two to five critical friends from the worlds of culture and art. The four stages of the Viarte method are achieved on several occasions during days of intense discussion and reflection.

The transfer of the learning expedition’s acquired knowledge to the problem and the context of the company is carried out in the final phase and can give rise to an additional half-day of workshop – individual or collective – a few weeks after the learning expedition.

The program can be followed individually and designed for the needs of a leader, or involving a small team around the leader (s), who can then exchange and disseminate the lived experience within the company. The programs can be adapted and enriched according to the objectives sought, the preferred artistic orientations and the travel time available.

Programmed for 2021

New models of sustainable growth in venice

Like many companies, the city of Venice has gone through two successive serious crises and must reinvent its development model if it is to counter its decline and regain a central place in the arts and culture of Europe. By analogy, the creative learning expedition offers an exercise and a journey into rethinking the future of the city of Venice, its local and tourist development, its engines of rebirth and growth around artistic creation.

Viarte Method


The crises recently experienced by the city represent a unique opportunity to rethink the future of venice and to work for a center for study and creation as well as towards a more qualitative cultural tourism, through the dialogue between art and science;


A few weeks after the regional and municipal elections, a few months after the change of governance in the main cultural and educational institutions of the city (university, biennale, pinault foundation, etc.), the program includes a series of interviews and moments of observation to understand the context and contours of a potential renaissance project around contemporary creation. The reflection and proposals of artists who have been studying this approach are an integral part of the observation phase;


The decision-maker/s will formulate a strategic project and imagine the operational consequences of his/their proposals;


Development of ideas and actions with personalities outside one’s professional field: the program offers interaction with potential protagonists of a “venetian renaissance”, coming from very diverse professional fields: transport, museums, private collections and heritage, citizens, tourists, operators, owners and managers of infrastructure, artists, academics, etc. The conclusions of the experiment can be presented and tested with local decision-makers; the transfer of intelligence and methods to business issues is carried out through workshops led by viarte at the end of each day. The two cognitive attitudes of the viarte method, which are reflection by analogy and the wish to change the status quo, permeate the entire program, taking place with at least three days on site.

Alignment of the collective project with individual aspirations on the short, medium and long term

4 days

Within a Gesamtkunstwerk, or “total work”, of a great plastic artist or a great collector in the South of France(Var, Gard, Bouches-du-Rhône or Alpes- Maritimes, depending on the artist and selection): Fondation Bernar Venet (Le Muy), Fondation Vasarely (Aix-en-Provence), Estate and work of Anselm Kiefer in Barjac (Gard), Fondation Maeght (Saint-Paul-de-Vence; Avignon, its Festival and its cluster of cultural start-ups).

Agility and creativity to surpass complex and uncertain situations

3 day musical project in the Parisian region

In particular through the interaction between disciplines, methods and different universes, accompanied by the pianist, singer and actress Lydie Solomon (First Prize of the CNSMDP and graduate of ESSEC).

Sustainable creation

5 day stay in Dordogne and Charente-Maritime

Innovate and make a mark in the world while rediscovering and preserving original gestures, tools and materials. Visit one of the beautifully decorated prehistoric caves at the International Center for Cave Art, Montignac- Lascaux (Dordogne), in the company of an art photographer; stay in the outbuildings of a Périgord castle, rediscovering the techniques of truffle harvesting and traditional craftsmanship; discovery of African art and the dialogue between ephemeral materials and those that endure on the occasion of a visit to the New World Museum in La Rochelle and the Toussaint Louverture statue by Ousmane Sow.